The nutrition program was added on May 29, 1980. Meals are now provided 3 days a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The program is overseen by the UAACOG, who sets the menu and provides staffing.

 In 1984, The Golden Age Center decided they needed a new home. A fundraising campaign was started and after countless hours, the funds were raised and a lot for the Golden Age Centers new building was donated by Dr. Vincent. On August 26, 1985, ground was broken and construction was underway for the new home at 728 Main Street. Building continued through the winter and on February 1, 1986 the Golden Age Center held their grand opening.  

Today, the Golden Age Center offers so much more than the original members could have imagined. They have activities like dances, Bingo, barbecues and lunches and raffles. There are groups that meet every week to share stories and work on hobbies. The Golden Shuttle is available to the public and the nutrition program provides meals 5 days a week.

The Golden Age Center also rents out space for your special events and occasions. For more information call 719-275-5177.

Membership for GAC is $15 for a single, $25 for a couple. This includes a newsletter mailed to you each month. You must be 50 to be a member.

Welcome to The Golden Age Center

In 1961, Canon City community leaders thought that a meeting place was needed for its aging citizens. They wanted a place where the aging community could meet and enjoy activities to keep them young at heart.  A room was rented in the historic Strathmore hotel for $50 a month. An open house was held with 300 attendees. At this meeting, 95 people signed up to become the first members for  annual dues of $5 per year. Thus began the Golden Age Center.  

The Golden Agers enjoyed cards, sewing, quilting, educational programs, dances and meals where they could talk about their families, life experiences and share all the stories about the good old days. In early 1966, the governor held a conference on aging that was attended by four members of the advisory board. At this meeting, they learned that there were federal funds available for the operation and expansion. They applied for and received grants from the Administration of Aging.  A new building was acquired and The Golden Age Center was incorporated on October 19, 1966.  

The years went by very quickly, as they so often do. The golden agers enjoyed trips and activities galore. Many new activities were added over the years including, woodworking, television, leather craft, ceramics, a pool table and a library.

Golden Age Center

Canon City, CO